Kelly Cae Hogan\'s Brunnhilde and the orchestra attain a transfiguring radiance.

— Robert Thicknesse - The Critics\' Circle 7/7/2016


Norma on stairsNorma finale Her dramatic soprano is the center of the performance, a shining demonstration of technical spotlessness. She does justice to the part at every moment: drawing a portrait full of emotion, authority, lust for revenge, and surrender. Her voice is more plush and warm than those of her famous predecessors in the role.

Relying on the cushion of a secure middle voice, neither the extreme coloratura passages nor the highest reaches gave her the smallest difficulty. In addition, her emotional expression had much to offer, she made the part deeply her own. She gives the role, not an exhibitionist drama as Callas did, but rather a more reserved interpretation that was hugely successful.
Weser Kurier