Kelly Cae Hogan fascinates in the role of Senta; with unbelievable vocal power her clear soprano increasingly astounds...

— Schweriner Volkszeitung


“In questa reggia” Virginia Opera – conducted by John Demainva-with-john-demain

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“Kelly Cae Hogan presents herself as a first class Turandot. What this woman has for vocal reserves! With hardly restrained emotional power, she reveals how much the cruel oppressor herself is prisoner of a merciless system. HNA, Werner Fritsch, March 30, 2015

Kelly Cae Hogan (Turandot, eine chinesische Prinzessin), im Hintergrund Damen und Herren des Opern- und des Extrachors

“From her first entrance as Turandot, at the very back of the spacious, multi-level stage, Kelly Cae Hogan impressed with a vocal power which did not decrease, even as she sang the subsequent riddle-scene lying flat on her belly. Still the American soprano unveiled more vocally radiant power through the conclusion of the riddles, where she overtrumped not only Calaf, but also the combined orchestras and massive chorus. The debut of Kelly Cae Hogan was vocally outstanding and also extremely convincing.” Kieler Nachtrichtung


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