Impressive how Kelly Hogan assayed the role of Abigaille in Nabucco with radiant bravura and vocal precision…

— Weser Kurier

More good news on SALOME in Virginia!

As Salome in Salome

Hogan, a soprano, captured the litheness, sensuality and curiosity of a spoiled teen – and the vocal beauty and musicianship to cajole, to storm, to soar mightily over the large orchestra. She has a magnificent voice. Virginian-Pilot (B.J. Atkinson – February 2, 2015)Salome with cloche

Kelly Cae Hogan’s effortlessly soaring soprano (and her) take on perhaps the craziest princess in opera has a way of reverberating in the mind long after you’ve left the theater. Richmond Times-Dispatch (Roy Proctor – February 7, 2015)

Photo by Lucid Frame courtesy of Virginia Opera

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